Don't underestimate me (kimberry182) wrote in encina_graphics,
Don't underestimate me

type of graphic: layout
example (if one is provided): I don't really have a example but I would like it to be fun, but muted fun you know? I love every layout you've ever had so I trust you to do whatever you want honestly.
link of picture(s) to be used:¤t=MidJuly2006002.jpg&refPage=&imgAnch=imgAnch6

text and font type: any of the lyrics from "in my daughters eyes" by martina mcbride, I can get those for you too if you like. I'd like the font to be elegant but readable.
colors: Muted tones, maybe turn the photos black and white, purples, blues, browns, pinks, grays, I really am in love with the icon I'm using now and would like to to have that kind of "feel" but you can add more color... also I really love my user info dividers and would like them to not look compleatly weird with my layout ya know?

type of animation: nothing bouncy or jumpy or anything. I like calm and peaceful... nothing that like swirls.

additional information: Would you be willing to do the whole package and make me maybe 2 matching icons and a FO banner? your welcome to use all or a couple of the photos it's totally at your discretion which ones work best where. There's one from most stages of her life there.

Thank you :)
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